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As a business we recognise that every customer has their own personalised idea’s relating to the image, and how they expect our output to match that in the finalised project. When it is time for your special studio or location project

we ensure that we think about the creative image, your budget, and how to achieve that delicate balance  

rather than some that could possibly leave all those aspect’s to chance!  We are highly capable and

experienced in Group and Personal photography.        

Just Ask our many clients !

Here at Digitalfocus we have a passion in meeting the finite point’s on every

project.  Portrait, Corporate or Pet imagery, at Location’s or within our own

Studio settings, which now have full Green Screen facility for that special studio experience.

Our initial meetings with you the client goes a long way to surpass the visionary outcome of the event

we listen to your expectations and discuss at every point  if we didn’t how could we ever think of  meeting them.

We have been full members of

The  Society of  Wedding  and  Portrait  Photographers

For many years, and uphold their standards and traditions for all clients.

The Studio is located in Stisted just 2 miles outside of  Braintree in North Essex. The business has been specifically managed and developed for the client by Photographer John Snowden. John has been actively Involved in all

aspects of  Photography for over 40 years. Bespoke imagery is the foundation of  the business now.

We are all to aware that over the years camera technology has moved quickly on, along with customer

expectations, that is one reason why we have incorporated Green Screen technology to ensure

our position at the forefront of all Photographic trends both in Digital and Film.  

Photography by DigitalFocus is nationwide. Although based in Essex we

have undertaken many projects both inside, and outside the UK.

Essex Photography By John Snowden